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Smuin Ballet’s Community Outreach Recap


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The company with students of the Harvey Milk Elementary

Smuin Ballet has been busy connecting with communities across the Bay Area, which included additional performances at special events and educational outreach.


Don’t Miss the 2015 Smuin Ballet Gala



Smuin Ballet’s featured Choreographer – Nicole Haskins


Nicole Haskins creating on Smuin Ballet Photo: Chris Hardy

To me, choreography is a lot like riding a bike. Sure, someone can explain thebasics, help you onto the bike, cheer you on. But, it ultimately comes down to you taking that leap of faith and continually pushing the pedals forward.


Smuin Ballet Breaks the Ice

Photo Darren Anderson1 (1024x1024)

The company in “Cool Christmas” Photo: Darren Anderson

The holiday season is upon us! On November 5th, Smuin Ballet performed highlights from The Christmas Ballet at the opening of the Union Square Ice Rink.


Read all about it! The UNTAMED Dance Series reviews are in

The company in  Garrett Ammon's SERENADE FOR STRINGS Photo: Keith Sutter Photography

The company in Garrett Ammon’s SERENADE FOR STRINGS Photo: Keith Sutter Photography


It’s clear that our UNTAMED Dance Series is a hit!


My Dance Yin and Yang by Ben Needham-Wood

580943_3693641062788_899881008_nI have always been a perfectionist. In every facet of life I’ve aimed to succeed beyond expectations and prove that I was capable of anything I could imagine. This may be part of why classical ballet has always had such an appeal to me – because no matter how brilliant a dancer’s technique may be there are always opportunities for a dancer to improve.


The Struggle of Recovering From an Injury


Short term loss long term gain…

That’s what I have to keep telling myself so that I don’t go stir crazy while I am waiting for this injury to heal. Dancers have a huge pain tolerance and in some cases, such as my own, it is not necessarily a good thing.  I danced on a stress fracture until it was so bad that I couldn’t even walk for extended periods of time.


Dancewear in the Media

Erica Felsch and Christian Squires in Susan Roemer's designs Photo: Russell Yip, The Chronicle

Smuin Ballet dancers Erica Felsch and Christian Squires in Susan Roemer’s designs Photo: Russell Yip, The Chronicle

At various points throughout history, dance has played a part in the inspiration of fashion design. Most recently, there has been an influx of various dancewear ads and videos that have been streaming and causing somewhat of a stir among the dance community.


Erica Chipp: My Trip to Ghana

Erica Chipp with a Ghana local

Erica Chipp with “Pete” a Ghana local

Last winter, during the Smuin layoff, I had the privilege of traveling to Ghana, West Africa as a LEAP student through St. Mary’s College of California with Jeremy Cohen and This World Music to study West African dancing and drumming and immerse myself in a culture. It turned out to be one of the most empowering experiences of my life, changing my life forever.


Smuin Ballet – UNVEILING an UNBELIEVABLE 21st Season

21_season_gOur UNBELIEVABLE 2014/15 season is jam packed with fresh and exhilarating new works as well as some of our popular ballets, that were specially handpicked to compliment the season and we are truly thrilled to bring them back to the stage!


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